About MRA

Attorneys and mortgage experts with one goal in mind:  AN AGGRESSIVE OFFENSE TO KEEP YOU IN YOUR HOME.

Mortgage Relief Alliance, PLLC (MRA) is a law firm staffed by attorneys and mortgage experts who personally evaluate each case searching for an aggressive offense to homeowners defending their homes from foreclosure.


MRA is NOT a company claiming to promise the stars by greasing the skids towards a loan modification.  Nor is MRA a bankruptcy firm.  Each homeowner faces unique challenges in a foreclosure.  MRA understands those challenges and attempts to aggressively oppose those who seek to foreclose against homeowners in instances where the homeowner has been a victim of mortgage fraud or unfair practices.

Can MRA make promises that you’ll win in a foreclosure suit?  NO.  Anyone who does promise that should be treated with skepticism.  There are never guarantees regarding the results of lawsuits.  What MRA CAN PROMISE is that, when we take your case, we will pursue every legal avenue to attempt to keep you in your home.

Mortgage Relief Alliance, PLLC does not take every client and every case.  A client is only signed on after a thorough, personalized evaluation of a case that MRA determines has a valid defense to foreclosure.

Reach out to MRA to evaluate your options.